The impact of Pakistani clothing in the world

The impact

The world we live in is a place filled with contradictions. On one hand, there are strong international organisms with the purpose of making countries work together as a whole and solve any conflict between countries, like the United Nations or the European Community. On the other hand, a lot of countries have started a wave of nationalism to separate from these multinational organizations. However, the “damage” has already been done; you just need to take a look at multicultural diversity all around the world, especially in the fashion world. We see companies such as Nike with a Punjab design for Muslim women. The spotlight today will shine upon Pakistani Clothing.

Regardless of its size, Pakistan is a very populated country, divided into four provinces, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab, of which its capital is Islamabad. In addition, its most populated city is Karachi. Its weather is known for being tropical and temperate, with arid conditions in the coastal south.

Variation of clothing styles

We know that clothes were a survival creation to endure harsh climate conditions and protection from the fauna of any place on Earth, but now it resembles civilization, culture, and history. Pakistani clothing may seem fancy or exotic, but it comes from their past. Every region has a different style, but they all come from the same design.

The most popular is the salwar kameez, Pakistan´s national dress, in which salwar refers to the bottom part and kameez the top. The salwar in Pakistan consists of baggy trousers while the kameez is related to a long shirt. More than a style, salwar kameez is a common outfit, which is worn by both women and men. The main difference is that the kameez part almost eclipses the salwar part of the outfit in women. Furthermore, there is the dupatta, a scarf that is similar to a shawl that is only worn by women.

In addition, men also have an article that makes them stand out of the unisex style of salwar kameez, that is the Baloch, which refers to a long robe (or jama) that men wear on their heads. The name comes from the Balochistan province. It is important to point out that each provinces wears the salwar kameez differently.

Doesn´t it seem familiar?

Many people will say at first sight that Pakistani clothing is very different from the way people dress in the Western society. Nonetheless, there seems to have been some cultural interchange between cultures, given that baggy trousers are worn more and more, they seem to have replaced jeans and sweatpants mostly for casual occasions. On the other hand, singers-specially rappers- wear baggy trousers with really long t-shirts, so long that they surpass their knees, just like the kameez. However, the Baloch has not been acquired by the international community. Each day we see that even though there are many differences in clothing styles from all around the world, there are also some similarities.

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