The evolution of Pakistani Clothing

Despite having a conservative society, Pakistan has never been devoid of fashion since its inception. Every era brought its own unique styles and designs fit for that time both for women and men.
But this style and designs have only revolved around the traditional dress, Shalwar kameez with dupatta for women and just shalwar kameez for men. Fashion designers don’t have enough room to make many variations with the conventional pair of Shalwar kameez. So the limitation is that they have to keep to a certain clothing form and profile for the customers taste.
As you move from one province to another, the concept of shalwar kameez is the same but with some variations added in their traditional dress. Every province has their traditional clothing which adds to their appeal. Even though Pakistani dresses have evolved and become more mainstream, people still have their cultural dresses because they have become a novelty as well as an occasional wear.
In the mainstream fashion, clothing has been a major part of Pakistani fashion scene for decades. Cotton suits and lawns for women created by top designers of the country have an overwhelming following around the globe. With the help of mass production and mass marketing, high street fashion has become accessible to the common man. On the other hand, western wear is still confined to the fashion elite or worn occasionally by teenagers or college/university going women in big cities.
In terms of accessories, women and men have been adorning themselves with fine jewellery of gold, silver, pearls and real gemstones since centuries. But with the increasing insecurity of keeping gold domestically and its fluctuating value as an investment, people have inclined themselves towards fashion jewellery . Nowadays we can see brides mixing their fine jewellery with fashion ones, in order to balance out.
There are brands that have started to take the retail of fashion jewellery seriously and taking it one step further. Names like has enabled customers to reap benefits of premium quality fashion jewellery and other women accessories. Its brands like these that have told women that there is more to fashion than clothing. Women can create individuality by accessorizing. These accessories have the ability to showcase your personality. Whether through vibrant bags or funky jewellery , you can be as adventurous and daring as you want!
With the emergence of online stores globally, shopping experience have been made easy for customers. Women’s online shopping brands like have made fashion accessories and clothing accessible to thousands of people. Improved communications and internet technology has enabled fashion houses to grow and explore new horizons to capture a mass market.
Pakistan fashion industry has, slowly but surely, grown and improved immensely through the years. Despite political and economic setbacks faced by the country, this industry has persistently taken brave steps forward to make a prominent mark. With a long term stable political and economic platform, Pakistan fashion industry has the potential to rise to heights which has not been fathomed before.
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